Properties to let in Richmond, North Yorkshire

Enjoying your tenancy in North Yorkshire

We want you to enjoy living in your new North Yorkshire property, and based on our experience we have jotted down some things which might help your tenancy to run smoothly.

Things to keep safe

  • Tenancy agreement.
  • Property Inventory.
  • Prescribed Information
  • Keys. You are responsible for all keys and should not have duplicates made or give a key to anyone who is not a tenant or permitted occupant.
  • Emergency Numbers:

    • General maintenance - Dave Stonehouse: 01748 829 746/07881 942 480

    • Gas leak - Transco : 0800 111 999

    • Water/Drains - Yorkshire Water : 08451 242 424

    • Plumber/Electrician, please call the one annotated on your Inventory

Repairs and breakages

Whilst WardHorne has organised the letting of your property, it may not be WardHorne who look after the property while you are living there. Most landlords pay WardHorne to manage the property on their behalf, but some may choose themselves or a representative to be the point of contact for any problems. We will make this clear when you take on the property.

The landlord is responsible for general repairs to the property or items and appliances included in the inventory unless otherwise stipulated. However tenants are responsible for breakages due to their own fault or negligence and should report and pay for repairs or replacements as soon as they occur.

If WardHorne manages the property we are employed by the landlord so will act in their best interests. However, as a member of the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) we abide by best practice rules that work for both landlord and tenant. We pride ourselves on acting quickly to address any problems and we have a number of good contractors on hand to put things right.

If the property is not managed by us and you find the landlord is slow to respond to problems, there are agencies which might be able to help such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or Environmental Health. Do not withhold rental payments for whatever reason as you will be in breach of the tenancy agreement.

Property Inspections

To reassure our landlords and address any problems early, WardHorne regularly inspect all of our managed properties. We do respect your privacy and would give at least 24 hours’ notice before inspecting a property.

Sub-letting Rooms

Any person living in the property who is over 18 should be named on the tenancy agreement as either a joint tenant or a permitted occupant. A joint tenant is ‘jointly and severally’ responsible for adhering to the contract and so each joint tenant is liable for any breach of agreement and payment of all of the rent. A permitted occupant does not have this responsibility but must still be declared. The permitted occupant has no legal rights within the tenancy agreement.

If a tenant sub-lets to someone who is not detailed on the tenancy agreement, they are breaking the terms of the tenancy agreement. However, anyone over 18 can be added to an existing tenancy agreement as a Permitted Occupant. They do not need to be referenced but there is a charge of £50 to add them to the legal documents which all tenants need to sign.