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Congratulations to Sarah, our Office Manager

Local Award Winning Photographer

  • 11 November 2015
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Congratulations to Sarah, our Office Manager

Sarah, our Office Manger, has won a local award with her photograph of Richmond’s very own Victorian Policeman. She was joined by 5 others who have all graced the new chocolate bars produced by Mochawith their amazing local images.

The image of Barry Heaps, the Town Crier in his alternative role as Charles Manley the law enforcement officer, was captured while he rested between Richmond walking tours.

In the 1800’s Richmond got their first policemen and soon after another joined but within 2 years both had resigned, accepting that it was just too difficult to control the Irish railway workforce when payday caused drinking and fighting. There was still a need for law-enforcement so London sent one of their best men, Charles Manley. He knew no fear and took his job very seriously, getting stuck into brawls and half drunken fights, often coming off worst due to gangs of revellers. Although his regular injuries caused health problems, he refused to retired and after 6 years service he died following a severe beating.

Well Done Sarah