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5 Ways We Can Take the Hassle Out of Renting Your Property

  • 6 May 2016
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1. Rent Assessment and Advice

Finding the right balance of how much to charge for your rental property can be tricky. At WardHorne we have the benefit of years of experience when it comes to advising how much rent your property can achieve. In addition to this valuable advice we also have the background knowledge to make suggestions for cost effective ways to improve your renting potential and increase your return on investment of a Buy to Let property.

2. Arranging Property Checks

If only it were so simple as to allow a tenant to move into your property without any of the paperwork! Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is however where the real benefits of a Letting Agent come in to play. It is a legal requirement for a landlord to arrange for safety checks to be carried out before letting a property, something that can prove confusing for those who have not rented a property before. At WardHorne we can arrange for all these checks without you having to lift a finger.

3. Advertising and Marketing

Let’s face it, marketing and advertising is important. You can have the most fabulous property available for rent but if no one knows about it, it is inevitably going to sit empty, not making money. By signing up for our service you will automatically increase your property’s visibility to both a local audience through our Richmond based office and property listings in the North Yorkshire press as well as from National exposure through our online property portals. We also have our ear to the ground and are in regular contact with prospective tenants and landlords making it easy for us to connect the two and make the perfect match.

4. Initial Tenant Assessment

Finding the right match between a landlord and prospective tenants is key to any successful property let. We carry out preliminary enquiries into the suitability of all our tenants in relation to the stipulations you place as the landlord. No DSS, no pets, no problem, we make sure that we only offer viewings to tenants that fit your requirements.

5. Final Service

After a tenancy agreement is made it is a legal requirement that landlords register any bonds or deposits with a Deposit Protection Scheme. We can take the hassle out of this too by not only providing you with details of these schemes but also at your request arranging to register a bond on your behalf.

At WardHorne we work hard to meet your exact requirements by creating a service that is unique to you. As well as the above services we have a host of ‘add-ons’ you can select to offer the highest level of service. If you would like to discuss renting out a property we are always here to help, you can call us on 01748 826000 or visit our Richmond branch.