Properties to let in Richmond, North Yorkshire

Preparing for tenancy

Rent Assessments and Advice

WardHorne are happy to visit your property and discuss its potential for renting and possible rent values. With our vast experience in the North Yorkshire property market, we are able to give an accurate assessment of potential rental figures. We will then give advice on statutory safety checks and on improvements that might help achieve a particular rental figure. Following our initial meeting, we will give you a landlord’s pack containing a written report detailing our recommendations and guidance on tax, insurance and safety checks.

WardHorne Service Levels

We can support you at different stages of the letting process:

  1. Introduction Service: we will market the property and initially assess applicants. We will then pass their details to you, for you to arrange viewings and tenancy details.
  2. Letting Service: we will market the property, find you a suitable tenant and arrange the legal paperwork, including references and tenancy agreements, which will be passed to you to sign with the tenants.
  3. Management Service: we will ensure that a tenancy agreement is set up and will continue to look after the property and liaise with the tenant during the period of the tenancy, until check out and return of the deposit/bond.

Service Summary page

Add-On Services and Bespoke Packages

WardHorne want to meet your exact needs by creating a package of services that is unique to you. That’s why we offer a host of ‘add-on’ services so that you can select when and where we can provide you with the most appropriate help.

Instructing WardHorne

Once you have your property to a standard you are happy with and have decided on the service level and add-ons you would like from WardHorne, you can sign an agreement with us. At this stage you need to provide us with current safety certificates for the property, an EPC and three complete sets of keys.

Negotiating Rent

You can trust us to carry out sound rent negotiations on your behalf. WardHorne has over 25 years of experience in negotiating rents and agreements between tenants and their landlords. As a lettings specialist, WardHorne is close to the local market so responds quickly to changes, to the advantage of our landlords. We are always up-to-date with market fluctuations and experienced in taking account of anomalies and what is ‘acceptable’.

A landlord can review rental charges annually and between tenancies, and we are proactive in achieving the best possible rent at the appropriate time.

Setting a Deposit/Bond

A tenant’s deposit/bond is a sum of money held on your behalf for the duration of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy a request can be made to use the bond to cover the costs of unreasonable breakages and damages. It is usually equivalent to one month’s rent but landlords can ask for more if for example, the tenant has pets. We are happy to advise if necessary.

Tax for Overseas Landlords

There is a useful guide to tax for overseas landlords on the FICO website. WardHorne recommends that overseas landlords complete form NR11 and consult an accountant if anything is unclear. It is your responsibility to obtain a Tax exemption number from the inland revenue (If WardHorne are required to deduct tax at source and additional charge will be made)